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creo: Latin, meaning "to create, make"

Creo Strategies, LLC has created a Comprehensive Software Solution addressing Enhanced Situational Awareness, Event Management & Interoperable Communication. A “system of systems”, it provides the capability to combine, correlate, analyze, display and disseminate virtually any type of sensor or non-sensor data into a fully geo-rectified, user-defined  common operational picture. In short, our solution provides a unique capability to transform raw sensor data into actionable knowledge in near-real time, delivering client value such as reduced costs, effective facility automation and security solutions. Creo Strategies LLC is making the world a more efficient, safe and friendly place to live and do business.

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Creo Strategies LLC

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Creo Strategies LLC is a proud member of the MAS Group of Companies

Creo has been a member of Technology Hampton Roads (THR) since 2006. We serve on the THR Board of Directors.